Nivea4Man 29, Woman
Adelaide, Au

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Hi all interested in adelaide sex? now on I will be Nivea4Man, Im from Adelaide. Im a very good looking woman and very friendly, easy going person and love new and interesting things. If you have some interest and want a partner to enjoy it with then Im here, I love the outdoors and it means alot to me to be able to enjoy it with someone, whether its an activity, camping or travelling or whatever. I generally does not like to watch Tv, that is not for me. i am a creative person and i enjoy making diferent things. I also enjoy gardening and flowers

In fact i would like to find someone with a sense of humour who enjoys similar interests. Im pretty sure we could start a very nice relationship even get some fun out there, If this sounds like you, then get in touch with me and i will tell you more..maybe i can teach you more than you think although I 'm a young woman I consider my self a huge fan of a good sex. That's all i can say for now if you want to know more about how is the adelaide sex or how good is the sex with adelaide girls don't hesitate to drop me a line. C ya!!!

Yes, I'm looking for a casual relationship. No, I don't want to dive into a one-night stand. If you don't have the time to discover my comfort zone, then don't waste my time either. I want a friend that enjoys sex, yes - but I also want a friend who enjoys cuddling, hanging out, and doing the whole "talk about life" thing. It's cool to have someone you can hug and snuggle and have a beer with while watching the game, and not have to be expected to put out at the end of the night - yanno? 

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5' 6"
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