McBevvie27 42, Woman
Marquand, Missouri, US
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    mmmmm you sound delicious and I definitely want to eat you for breakfast some time. I want to see what you look like baby so I can see what is on the menu!
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I'm always smiling, I love to have a good time, flirt and hang out with all my friends. I love the country! I miss it tons. I wanna meet a guy who's just as flirty as I am and who WON'T get mad at me if I'm talking to another guy. Someone who is an AMAZING kisser (cause kissing is my favorite!) and someone who loves to spend time with me but will also go out with all his friends and have a good time. Someone who can laugh at all the stupid things I do but he will be able to have a serious conversation just as easily. Someone who can act just as crazy, wild and adventurous (and we can't forget as weird) as I can! And I wouldn't mind someone who can play the guitar either.. that is HOT!  

I am seeking:
5 ft 8 in / 173-175 cm
Hair Color:
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